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Find Out About Types of Insulation, How We Install It, and More

At BC Spray Foam & Insulation Systems, we use spray foam for many reasons, and we take the time to properly spray it to ensure it will work effectively. If you are looking at insulating your space, you might be wondering about a few things before getting started. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions:

spray foam

Why use spray foam?

Spray foam applications are ideal for insulating your home or place of business because it comes out as a liquid, but then expands to become foam, ensuring every crevice or crack is completely sealed. This way, you can rest assured knowing that energy used for heating or cooling your home or building will not escape.

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How should you choose the right type of insulation?

There are many types of insulation to choose from including cellulose, fibreglass, and stone wool, to name a few. You want to choose an insulating product that will effectively save you energy and that is a safe material in your home – that’s why we feel that spray foam is the ideal choice.


What are some other uses for spray foam?

Spray foam can be used in many other applications, especially for fixing up things around the home. Contact us for more details!

Spray foam to tanks, ideal for temperature control to avoid freezing.


Which brands does BC Spray Foam & Insulation Systems use?

We use insulation spray foam from brands that are trusted for being environmentally friendly, and that provide superior insulation for your home or business. The brands we use are:

JM Matrix

If you have other questions about our spray foam applications, call or email us.

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