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Insulation Services in the Okanagan, Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island: Spray Foam for Homeowners & Businesses

Growing up with his family’s insulation business, Steve learned early on the importance of proper insulation for homes and businesses. Now with over 20 years of experience running BC Spray Foam & Insulation Systems, Steve uses that knowledge for his residential, commercial and industrial clients - providing insulation services in the Okanagan and other areas throughout BC.

BC Spray is here to help you save on heating and cooling costs and we can guide any client on the proper product and installation required for their specific project. We work to save you energy, and we provide a conventional, spray foam insulation solution that is energy efficient and eco-friendly. Our team also works with other types of insulation depending on the job you need done so please contact us to learn more about how we can help your project.


Give us a call or email us at if you have questions about our services.

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